Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Analysis Of Felice Hill Gaines, An Educator, And A Trail...

â€Å"I put out the very best that was in. I often state I ‘m not here for myself but for others coming behind me† These are the powerful words of one strong dedicated woman, who devoted her life to helping others and who’s legacy paved the way for other women and African Americans. Felice Hill Gaines was an educator, devoted worker, a scholar, and a trail blazer. Felice Hill Gaines was born in St. Louis on September 25th 1908 to Samuel F. and Anita Hill. Mrs. Gaines Married Samuel Gaines of Warrensburg Missouri on May 6, 1933. Felice Hill Gaines relocated to Warrensburg. In an article for the mule skinner Gaines stated â€Å"My husband was born and raised here in Warrensburg, and I being in love followed him.† Samuel and Felice have one son Samuel Gaines III. Felice Hill graduated from Stowe Teachers college in St. Louis. Stowe teachers college, now known as Harris-Stowe, was founded in 1890 as a school for future black elementary teachers. The college was named after Harriet Beecher Stowe, abolitionist, and famous writer of Uncle Tom’s Cabin. Harriet Beecher Stowe and Mrs. Gaines were very similar; both women paved the way for other women, both women were feminist. Felice Hill Gaines passion for education led the way for her career and allowed her to break barriers for African American men and women. Mrs. Gaines served as an educator in Warrensburg Missouri and in surrounding areas such as Knob noster. Felice hill Gaines was a teacher at the Howard school in Warrensburg

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