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Understanding Oneself Self-knowledge in Miller’s Death of...

Many individuals give into societal norms and their parent’s expectations instead of aspiring to find their ultimate purpose and objective. When an individual alters their perception of reality, they live an unhappy and unfulfilling life. Karl Harshbarger critiques Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman in â€Å"‘I Know Who I Am’: The Revenge of Biff Loman† arguing that Biff is living in a distorted reality that supports the endless delusions he has created. Although many critics like Harshbarger tend to argue that Biff doesn’t enhance his self-knowledge, through a few telling moments that Harshbarger shines light on, it is made evident that Biff does understand his feelings, purpose and character and is desperately asking for his father’s support, acceptance and love. The self-development that Biff undergoes throughout the play is made evident consistently. Biff chooses to purse his dreams instead of giving into societal norms or his fat her’s expectations and becoming a salesman. Biff’s understanding of himself is made evident in three specific ways; the comparison between the two brothers, Biff’s moment of ultimate clarity at Bill Oliver’s office and Willy and Biff’s final fight before Willy’s suicide. Although Harshbarger argues that Biff is delusional and doesn’t have a clear understanding of himself, in Miller’s â€Å"Death of a Salesman† there are many comparisons that can be made between the two brothers, Biff and Happy, which expose the extent that Biff understands himselfShow MoreRelated Failure in a Success Oriented Society in Death of a Salesman1923 Words   |  8 PagesFailure in a Success Oriented Society in Death of a Salesman    In the play Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller, the playwright focuses on the theme of failure in a success oriented society. Willy Lowman, a failed salesman, is the central character. Willy’s downfall is caused by his belief in the propaganda of a society that only has room for winners. The significance of this theme, still very relevant today, is heightened by Millers skilful use of a range of key techniques, including settingRead MoreFacilitating Learning and Assessment in Practice3273 Words   |  14 PagesIntroduction to English Studies (Eng 281) [pic] Sample Self-Reflective Essay #1 When I think of books, I can’t help but smile in anticipation of the journey I will embark upon from cover to cover, the secrets that will be revealed within their pages, the additions to my vocabulary I will collect as souvenirs, and the new avenues that will be excavated in the realm of my mind. Beginning as early as I can remember, books were read to me by my mother, my father and my sisters. The thrill of an outingRead MoreThe American Musical And Dramatic New York5062 Words   |  21 PagesThroughout the book An Actor Prepares, Stanislavski touches on a few major elements that can help an actor understand and prepare for an audience. The first element is the â€Å"magic if†. A simple way of starting to learn the Stanislavski Method is to ask oneself, What would I do if I were  in this or his/her situation? This is a good way to focus on accurate responses throughout your scene. However, Stanislavski also realized that these types of what if questions do not alwa ys turn to the best characterRead MoreIntroduction to Motivation16686 Words   |  67 Pagesthe drive to influence people and change situations. Power motivated people wish to create an impact on their organization and are willing to take risks to do so. (5) Attitude Motivation Attitude motivation is how people think and feel. It is their self confidence, their belief in themselves, their attitude to life. It is how they feel about the future and how they react to the past. (6) Incentive Motivation It is where a person or a team reaps a reward from an activity. It is â€Å"You do this and you

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Christian And Islamic Conceptions Of Holy War Essay

In 1095, at the Council of Clermont, Pope Urban II preached the first crusade. This event set in motion a campaign that would dramatically change the face of Western Europe. The campaign necessitated mass mobilization to the East and the creation of an ideological counterpart. As a result, Urban II and his successors cast the expedition as a Holy War by drawing upon already established communal features. Pre-existing traditions that shaped the theological conceptions of Holy War emerged from diverse sources such as societal trends and the Emperor cults of the Roman Empire. Despite evidence depicting that established patterns influenced the evolution of Holy War, popular scholarship has displayed a striking tendency to portray jihad as endemic to Islam, while the crusades are often depicted as an aberration. Points of convergence depict the consolidation of these trends. Though the formalization of these traditions initially divided adherents from the majority of the pagan popul ace, the resultant conceptions of Holy War helped to unite people and enabled the legitimization of authority. Therefore, both Christian and Islamic conceptions of Holy War can be viewed as the realization of certain pre-established trends. Islam was initially developed in relationship with paganism and this belief system shaped the evolution of Muslim Holy War. Though part of the Qur’an, the text outlining the fundamental beliefs of Islam, was delivered to Muhammad at Mecca, he was laterShow MoreRelatedThe Ethical Principles of Islam Essay1454 Words   |  6 Pagesis sacred because it is given by Allah, and that Allah chooses how long each person will live. Human beings should not interfere in this, which is why Islam would most definitely favour sanctity of life over quality of life, as the Islamic view is based on the very high priority the faith gives to the sanctity of life. The Quran states: Whosoever has spared the life of a soul, it is as though he has spared the life of all people. Whosoever has killed a soul, it is as Read MoreAmerican Neo Orientalism And The Justification For The War On Terror 1426 Words   |  6 Pagesthe Justification for the ‘War on Terror’ The September 11, 2001, attacks on the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon fundamentally changed the dynamic of American identity threatening it’s hegemony and creating a space of insecurity thus necessitating a reassertion of state authority. In particular, the 9/11 post-traumatic space required US participation in an ambiguous ‘War on Terror’ that institutionalized racially charged violence through the demonization of the Islamic ‘Other’. The US-led projectRead MoreThe Struggle of Abrahams Children Essay994 Words   |  4 Pagesreligions. Yahweh is created as unattractive but still very imposing. Allah is created as majestic, all-powerful, and wise. But, he is also shown as compassionate and kind, and does not walk among humans. And Christians view God as divine, authoritative, and merciful. The God of Jews, Christians and Muslims is a God, who in some sense, speaks. His Word is crucial in all three faiths. The Word of God has shaped the history of our culture. We have to decide whether the word God has any meaningRead MoreThesis: In His Book, No God But God, Reza Aslan Recounts1663 Words   |  7 PagesKa‘ba, the pantheon site where the all the pagan Arab pilgrims converged to worship their tribal deities. Although no one knows who built the square, roofless structure, or when it was set up, the Ka‘ba became the center of the religious life in pre-Islamic Arabia, the sixth century Anno Domini (AD), is characterized as a time of complex beliefs of no universalism or moral absolutism, neo-animism (providing a host of intermediary deities between the creator god and his creation), and henotheism (beliefRead MoreThe Differences Between Christianity And Christianity1567 Words   |  7 Pagesa main prophetic figure that has come to spread Gods word. These sim ilarities are important since they allow for a point of comparison in these three faiths. The figure of Muhammad in the Muslim faith is known to non-muslims as the founder of the islamic tradition, but to muslims is the last prophet sent to earth by God. The figure of Moses is the most important prophet in Judaism. The figure of Jesus also known as the Messiah in christianity is viewed as the son of God who was sent down to earthRead MoreReligion And Its Effect On Society1627 Words   |  7 Pagessurgical methods. The Catholic Church, however, sees abortion as an immoral act. They believe that there is not one single reason to terminate a child’s life, since it holds a human life which should be respected and protected from the moment of conception. From the moment of its existence, life takes place, therefore, it is recognized as a human being and has rights as a person. In some countries, most Catholics disagree with the position of the Catholic Church, which opposes abortion and its legalityRead MoreEssay Islam and Christanity Conflicts1668 Words   |  7 PagesWhen you are born into a world in which the two biggest religions on the globe are fighting the same battle they have been fighting for a thousand years you start to question the belifs of these two religions. If they both preach peace, why do we get war? I wonder what Jesus or Muhammad would say if they were alive today. Christanity, Islam, and Judaism are three of the most closely related religions in the world because they all see Abraham and other patriarcal figures in the bible as their spirtualRead MoreTruman and the Creation of Israel Essay1623 Words   |  7 Pagesa new state of Israel after the atrocities committed against the Jews in World War Two, President Franklin D Roosevelts adopted a neutral policy towards Palestine. Roosevelt felt like the United States needed complete cooperation from Jews and Muslims before they could get involved. When Roosevelt passed away in April of 1945, Harry Truman was thrown into the presidency of the United States. Along with the ongoing war with Japan and difficulties with the Soviet Union, there was immediate pressureRead MoreThe Political System Of A Nation Impact The Human Identity ( Culture ) Of Families1651 Words   |  7 Pagesaffected by both religious and political points of view. Tandem courts (State and Religious based) Faith divisions (Arabs and Jews) Internal family divisions â€Å"The separation between private and public also corresponds to the traditional conceptions of Jewish society †¦ and Palestinian society (... given the variety and singularity of each of these societies and the sub-groups within them).† [Herzog, Hanna] â€Å"Although changes occur in the structure of the family, the ethos of familism is stillRead MoreReligions and War Essay3499 Words   |  14 Pages1. Introduction: Religions and the Holy Texts Those who believe (in the Quran), and those who follow the Jewish (scriptures), and the Christians...and (all) who believe in God and the last day and work righteousness, shall have their reward with their Lord; on them shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve.1 How true is this statement and to what extent do religions not fight each other? Unfortunately, looking back at the holy texts of various religions provides no answers. There are elements

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Reflective Summary of the Globalization â€Myassignmenthelp.Com

Question: Discuss About The Reflective Summary Of The Globalization? Answer: Introducation: In a broader sense globalization can be defined as the process through which the organizations develop international influences and thereby can expand their operations internationally. So far I have observed during my course that globalization possesses a twofold effect over the economy. It has both positive as well as negative impacts and in this assignment I will shed light on both of these positive and negative effects so as to develop a better understanding of the process of globalization. Presently the concept of globalization is can be considered as one of the most popular and controversial issues and it has also been identified as one of the most debated issues. A critical review of the concept of globalization will certainly reveal the fact that it is a very complex, prismatic and multidisciplinary topic. I will state that from a very common viewpoint globalization not only concentrates on the economic factors but also incorporates the social, cultural, political and ideological factors in it. Researchers have argued that globalization is a process that is responsible for the widening, deepening and enhancing the interconnectedness of all the aspects of social life which may range from cultural to financial to spiritual aspects (Jamieson, 2011). Among the a few benefits as pointed out by Milana (2012), the most important is the reduction of trade barriers, opening of new markets which imposed significant opportunities in front of the entrepreneurs. Globalization ac tually creates larger opportunities for the countries which are less industrialized and the firms of these countries get a bigger market for their products (Jones, 2013). I have also developed an understanding that the implementation of globalization has significantly increased the accessibility to cash flows, technology, human resource and has reduced the price of imports and increased the size of exports. Moreover, the businesses of the less developed or less industrialized countries got a chance to expand their businesses with the international enterprises (Fjder, 2014). However, I have also pointed out the fact that, on the other side of the spectrum there are a few drawback of the globalization process as well. The major critics of globalization have mentioned that the exorbitant growth of the volume of international trade is in turn aggravating the level of income inequality (Mostafa, 2012). This income inequality was increasing both within the industrialized as well as within the less industrialized countries. The global commercial market is being dominated by the giant corporations whose motive is to maximize profit irrespective of the needs of development of the concerned countries in which they are operating. This is leading the less developed countries towards futility, which is not worth for the global economy as a whole. The process of globalization has also implemented certain protectionist policies as well which in turn is restricting certain countries from the third world to access the benefits of export market (Mostafa, 2012). The enormous volume and the extent of volatility involved with the capital flows significantly enhances the risk of banking sectors and thereby may give rise to currency crises. This will specifically be a situation in countries, which are not financially stable enough. The increasing level of competition among the developed countries in order to attract foreign investors leads to a fierce race towards lowering the price level, which in turn reduces and violates the environmental standards, which should be maintained by the organizations (Mostafa, 2012). Therefore, indirectly globalization also affects the environmental sustainability as well. For instance, I can mention the situation in Latin America the country that is still suffering from the negative effects of globaliz ation. This is the brief summary of what I have understood as the positive and negative effects of globalization. I have observed that like every process globalization also possesses a dark side, however, the bright sides if used efficiently can give rise to significantly fruitful results. Reflective Summary of the Concept of Corporate Social responsibility Now I will focus on the concept of corporate social responsibility. Presently it has become a very common term which can be heard almost everywhere. As defined by Carroll Shabana (2010)corporate social responsibility is defined as the initiatives of the corporations to evaluate and take responsibility of the impacts caused by the company over the environment and the society. Corporate social responsibility is sometimes also abbreviated as CSR is sometimes applied to efforts that crossthelevel that may have been implemented by the environmental regulators or protection groups (Karnani, 2010). In other words corporate social responsibility can also be defined as a management concept through which organizations amalgamates social and environmental issues in their business operations as well as within the interactions with the stakeholders (Karnani, 2010). CSR is therefore simply the way which organizations establishes and maintains a balance of the economic, social and environmental imperatives and at the same time addresses the expectations of the stakeholders effectively. Corporate social responsibility is significantly important for any business entity. This is because it is able to portray both towards the consumers as well the media that the company is interested in the broader social issues that poses a direct impact over the profitability of the organization (Werther Jr Chandler, 2010). These issues are spread within a wide range, this includes national, local and global concerns. This is the key underlying reason for which a socially responsible firm can leave an impact over the purchasing decision of the consumers specifically those customers who try to make an ethical purchase. This in turn gives rise to higher level of profit for the organisations. However, as argued by Singh (2016) developing an efficient and effective corporate social sustainability plan also needs to incorporate a highly trustworthy and commendable reputation. This is because the initiatives regarding social responsibility definitely takes a lot of time to be established. Moreover, through reviewing the literaturesI have observed the fact that when the employees will realise that they are part of a plan that is designed to help the people in need or the disadvantaged people, this will certainly boost their morale. In addition with the other methods of boosting the morale of the employees this will also lead to obtain a greater productivity from the labour force. Knowledge about a product or service that leaves a positive impact over the society can act as a genuine reason to the employees for being delighted and the same also goes for the business owners and the buyers as well (Kitzmueller Shimshack, 2012). On a concluding note it can be said that I have critically evaluated the concepts of globalisation and corporate social responsibility in the light of the available literature in this regard. I have observed that globalisation is a widespread event that affects the economy both positively and negatively. However, the studies regarding this concept reveal the fact that globalisation affects the underdeveloped countries more adversely and positively impacts on the developed nations. Therefore the process makes the developed countries more developed while leaving the underdeveloped in the same situation. O0n the other hand, corporate social responsibility is nowadays recognised as a widespread concept which is used by almost all the organisations. In the era of constant development, corporate social responsibility is important for all the organisations to ensure it is audience that it is responsible towards the environment as well as the society. Hence, it can be stated that corporate s ocial responsibility should be designed and implemented by all the organisations to ensure that the negative impacts over the environment and society are mitigate. References Carroll, A. B., Shabana, K. M. (2010). The business case for corporate social responsibility: A review of concepts, research and practice.International journal of management reviews,12(1), 85-105. Fjder, C. (2014). The nation-state, national security and resilience in the age of globalisation.Resilience,2(2), 114-129. Jamieson, L. (2011). Intimacy as a concept: Explaining social change in the context of globalisation or another form of ethnocentricism?.Sociological Research Online,16(4), 15. Jones, R. B. (2013).Globalisation and interdependence in the international political economy: rhetoric and reality. Bloomsbury Publishing. Karnani, A. (2010). The case against corporate social responsibility.Wall Street Journal,23(1), 1-5. Kitzmueller, M., Shimshack, J. (2012). Economic perspectives on corporate social responsibility.Journal of Economic Literature,50(1), 51-84. Milana, M. (2012). Globalisation, transnational policies and adult education.International Review of Education,58(6), 777-797. Mostafa, M. M. (2012). Does globalisation affect consumers' pro-environmental intentions? A multilevel analysis across 25 countries.International Journal of Sustainable Development World Ecology,19(3), 229-237. Singh, B. J. R. (2016). Corporate social responsibility in India.International Journal of Higher Education Research Development,1(1), 1-7. Werther Jr, W. B., Chandler, D. (2010).Strategic corporate social responsibility: Stakeholders in a global environment. Sage publications.

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Organization Structure

Introduction My colleague Carswell has raised a valid point of view regarding the problems we now face. I have only worked in this company for the past four years as an I/O consultant, and frankly, I have witnessed a lot of changes, not all of them in the positive direction. It is clearly evident that Benson Metal Company is under crises.Advertising We will write a custom case study sample on Organization Structure – Benson Metal Company specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More It is also clear that the main cause of this crisis has not been investigated and it is due to this that the situation has escalated this much. It is sad that at this point in time, when the industry is harsh and struggling, that we are about to lose one of our most dedicated customers. As I see it, the main problem lies in our organization structure and conflicting lines of authority. Organization Structure As some of you know, a company’s organizati on structure defines the formal reporting relationships in the company including the level of power welded by the supervisors and the amount of levels within the organization (Daft, 2009). The organization structure also identifies the grouping together of individuals into departments within the organization as well as the design of systems that will guarantee effective coordination and communication between different departments (Baligh, 2006). Clearly, the organization structure of Benson Metal Company has failed to meet its intended purpose. The organization structure specifies three main things that include: required work activities, the reporting relationships and departmental groupings. The company main problem lays in reporting relationships while the other two factors are quite stable. Reporting Relationships The biggest problem in the company is and has always been reporting relationships or more specifically, the chain of command. The chain of command denotes the uninterru pted lines of authority that links everyone in the company and indicates who reports to whom (Jones, 2010). Most of the individual holding places of power within the company are finding it hard to carry out their tasks. This may be attributed to people being designated jobs that they are unfamiliar with and have no skills in. The assistant to the president position is occupied with an individual who does not have the correct skills or experiences required for running the company or overseeing the welfare of our employees.Advertising Looking for case study on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Our vice president has been unable to effectively lay out the correct lines of authority and has poor management skills. Generally, a body cannot function without a head and that is one of the main problems. Reporting relationships also involves setting up lines of authority important to ensure effective coordination bet ween the departments. Honestly, Ramsey Stockwell has failed in this regard. Time and time again, Mr. Stockwell has been antagonistic in our efforts to improve communication and coordination. He has not designed effective reporting relationships within his own department and even though those who serve beneath him are loyal, his attitudes are affecting the general attitude of his department regarding the company. Mr. Stockwell has proved to be very effective in ensuring that his department is up and running. However, his job does not end there and involves improving morale in his department, developing a schedule for his workers, laying out the correct reporting relationship within his department to avoid conflicts and respecting the general chain of command in the company. Mr. Stockwell has taken over the department and seeks to carry out all the jobs in his company. This would be well and good if he could actually deliver however as it can be seen, he is unable to deliver the requi red results and his actions have only led to increased confusion in his department as well as others in the company. The relationship between Mr. Stockwell and the sales department is truly disturbing. Mr. Stockwell should learn that this is not a research facility but a company that needs to sell items in order to gain profits as well as meet its expenses. His antagonism and opposition to provide relevant information to the sales department is making us shortsighted thus losing our competitive advantage. We have failed to deliver products in time to our most trusted customers and frankly that is unacceptable. Information sharing within the department is of outmost importance but Mr. Stockwell has set up a bureaucratic system that most members within his organization seldom know what is required of them or the progress they are making.Advertising We will write a custom case study sample on Organization Structure – Benson Metal Company specifically for you for o nly $16.05 $11/page Learn More Conclusion Looking at the above problems, we can conclude that several things have to change. First of all, the required work activities should be specified especially considering the strain the production of the aerospace materials has on the company. Secondly, communication both within the departments and across different departments has to be improved. Communication and coordination between the departments can be improved in several ways. The first method is through improving teamwork between the two departments i.e. production and sales. Members of the two departments should freely intermix and be involved in the actual process involved in both departments. Another method is by setting up an organization structure based on divisional grouping. Divisional grouping involves organizing employees according to whatever products the company produces (Fow, 2007). Members of both the sales team and the production team should be grouped toget her under one department ensuring information flow between the in every stop of material production. I thank you for your time and hope we can resolve these issues in the shortest time possible. References Baligh, H. (2006). Organization Structures: Theory and Design, Analysis and  Prescription. New York: Springer Science + Media Inc. Daft, R. (2009). Organization Theory and Design. Mason, OH: South-Western Cengage Learning Fow, W. (2007). Managing Organizational Behavior. Cape Town: Junta Co.Advertising Looking for case study on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Jones, G. R. (2010). Organizational theory, design, and change (6th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson-Prentice Hall. This case study on Organization Structure – Benson Metal Company was written and submitted by user Trevor Frye to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.